Terms & conditions

Placement system

  1. By sending the online application form, you are obliged to pay the camp fee, once you confirm your spot and are placed on the participant list of the International Youth Camp (from now on “IYC”).
  2. We will only process forms that are filled in correctly, including the health form asked for to confirm your spot.
  3. The secretariat of IYC is in charge of the placement for the camp.
  4. Placement for the camp will be done with a draw system, two weeks after the opening of the applications (from now on “moment of placement”). After the drawing the placement for the camp will be based on first come first serve basis.
  5. If you applied before the moment of placement (drawing) and you did not get a spot, you will get an extra ticket for the drawing for the camp next year. If you again did not get a spot, you will receive an extra ticket for the drawing for the next camp, etc.
  6. The organization reserves the right to make individual exceptions for the placement based on gender ratio and/or social indication.
  7. To be eligible for placement based on social indication, the parent/guardian needs to approach the priest or coordinator of IYC or the IYC secretariat.
  8. The priest together with the coordinator of IYC will evaluate the request for placement based on social indication.
  9. There will be no correspondence regarding the placement for the camp, with the exception of an appeal based on incorrect processing of the indicated choice.
  10. In order to create a balanced mix of participants from multiple countries, we have a maximum number of participants with the same nationality we can accept. This maximum number is decided upon the moment of placement based on the number of applications of participants with the same nationality.

Payment conditions

  1. After placement, the application is official and the participant will be obligated to pay the camp fee.
  2. The decision concerning the placement for the camp will be sent via email to the participants. Individual failure to receive this message is not a ground for indemnification or compensation.
  3. If the participant wants to cancel their application, it is necessary to write the Secretariat of IYC.
  4. Annulment of the application is possible until May 7 2024 with a charge of € 25,- administration fee. After this date, the participant has to pay the whole camp fee, or the participant needs to find someone who will take their place.
  5. In the event that the participants will receive a refund, there is no interest for the organization.
  6. In the event that the participant is late with the fulfilment of the payment obligation, the participant will receive a reminder no more than twice. After that, the right to participate in the camp expires, unless the participant has contacted the Secretariat stating the reason for the non-fulfillment of the payment obligation.
  7. The organization reserves the right to refuse participation on the basis of previous non-payment.
  8. People on the waiting list can withdraw from the waiting list without extra costs at any time.
  9. The burden of proof of the payment lies with the participant at all times.
    If you have difficulties with paying the camp fee you can contact our secretary at info@iycamp.com.
  10. Travel fees are not included in the camp fee.
  11. Payment has to be done by bank transfer to our account or cash on the arrival day (this has to be communicated beforehand with the secretary).
  12. Paying in three monthly periods is only possible from EU-countries and for applications sent in before April 30, 2024.


  1. As a participant, you need to arrange travel- and health insurance valid in the country that IYC takes place in for the whole duration of the camp.
  2. As a participant, you need to have valid identification (identification card or passport).
  3. The organization reserves the right to exclude the participant from participation of the camp if no valid travel documents can be submitted.

Responsibility and Liability

  1. In the case of the use or possession of alcohol or drugs by a participant during the camp, this will lead to immediate exclusion from the camp and future participation in the camp.
  2. The organization is not liable for damage or loss of personal belongings during the camp.
  3. The participant is liable for any damage suffered by the organization and/or other camp members caused by the participant.

Personal information

  1. The organization stores the personal data of participants for administrative purposes and will not share this data available with third parties.
  2. By sharing pictures from the camp in shared documents (e.g. Drive) you consent to their use for promotion purposes on our website and social media. If you have questions you can email our secretary.
  3. The organization reserves the right to exclude participants from the camp without refund of the camp fee at any time if personal data about diets and/or physical and/or mental problems are missing and/or incorrect.

Discrimination and Harassment

  1. The organization applies strict standards of proper and improper behavior. In case of serious disturbance, the organisation reserves the right to send participants home.
  2. Discrimination on any ground or sexual harassment is not tolerated and will lead to immediate exclusion from the camp and future participation in IYC.
  3. The organization will make an effort to prevent unsafe and unwanted situations.


  1. The simple setting of the camp calls for some improvisation and teamwork of everyone.
    English (of any level) is the language during the camp for everyone to make sure everyone feels included.
  2. Everyone sleeps in small tents, which you need to bring with you and/or arrange a spot with another participant.
  3. Everyone joins the whole programme of the camp.
  4. If you apply, it is for the whole duration of the camp: late arrival or early departure is not possible.
  5. However, you are welcome to stay a day longer, for example because of your travel date.
  6. We provide a separate space for tents based on gender if people wish to be surrounded by others of the same gender.