Terms & conditions

Placement system

IYC has a first come first served placement system with a maximum of 25 places per nationality. You are considered to be of a certain nationality if you have a passport of a certain country or live there. For example, people who either have a Dutch passport or are living in the Netherlands for a long time are both considered Dutch.

Conditions on the camp

To participate in the IYCamp you have to agree with the conditions listed below. Without this agreement your application will be accepted.

  • The simple setting of the camp calls for some improvisation and teamwork of everyone.
  • English will be the language during the camp; for everyone.
  • We sleep in small tents, which you are supposed to bring with you.
  • Everyone joins in with the program.
  • If you apply, it is for the whole duration of the camp: late arrival or early departure is not possible. However, you are welcome to stay a day longer, for example because of your travel date.
  • Alcohol and drugs are not allowed.
  • Boys and girls sleep separate.
  • In case of serious disturbance we reserve the right to send you home.
  • You are requested to arrange a travel- and health insurance for the period of the camp.

Payment conditions

  • The camp fee for IYC is €398. If you have difficulties with paying the camp fee, you can contact our secretary info@iycamp.com.
  • Traveling fees are not included in the camp fee.
  • Annulment for your application is possible till June 1 with a charge of € 25,- administration fee. After this date you have to pay the whole camp fee or you will have to find somebody to replace your application.
  • Payment can be done by bank transfer to our account or cash on the arrival day.
  • Paying in three monthly periods is only possible from EU-countries and for applications send in before April 30.
  • It is not possible to pay with cheques or credit-cards.