The summer of 2015 sparkled with excitement in a beautiful field in Italy. We found a magnificent place near Gaggio Montano in the region Emilia-Romagna. People from many different backgrounds traveled to Italy to enjoy two weeks together.

The sun was on our heads, rain fell down from the sky and even thunder crept up the mountain to fill the air with energy and excitement. We hiked, we played, we sang, we laughed. We experienced Emilia-Romagna from up close. All the ingredients for a perfect camp were there those two beautiful weeks in Gaggio Montano. The words of the campsong still ring in our ears.

For two weeks we explored the different elements; Earth, Water, Fire and Air, as well as the four temperaments, being Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. These different components led to theme evenings telling stories of what has made us; the roots that ground us as a person, as well as looking to the future, writing letters to our future selves.

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‘In your element!’

12 different countries

We also integrated the theme in a practical way, having food that represented the elements, as well as evening games. We had this and more throughout the camp. We experienced the theme in a philosophical, but also in a practical way. The theme was divided into subthemes; a different one to guide us each day. This added depth to the main theme and allowed us to explore it from many different perspectives, as all participants were actively involved.

Part of the Campsong

The sun is in my eye,
I see the clouds fly by,
And if it rained sometime I wouldn’t mind.
And all around I see,
The hills of Emily,
And oh I’m so glad we are
Here on IYC