For the first time ever IYC spent two adventurous weeks on the beautiful countryside of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Far, far away, in the south east of Europe, nestled amongst the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and the beautiful Adriatic Sea!

During these two weeks we got to know each other, the country, the beautiful nature and the lovely Bosnian people. Although the weather was hot, we hiked around for a couple of days. Rewarded with campfires and good conversations in the evening and the refreshing water of the river near our second campsite.

After a very warm hike, the whole group arrived back at the campsite. Finally home! After putting up the sleeping tents again, the rest of the day was spent with swimming in the lake.


Main info at a glance

Baracko Jezero Lake, surrounded by the Bosnian hills

‘No strings attached’

9 different countries

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The weeks flew by, filled with sports, swimming, workshops, local food and good conversations. Friendship were growing and (hidden) talents were showed to the rest of the group. After every day the sound of guitars and people chatting in the night. The last day was festival day, this was a day filled with amazing acts, delicious food, spontaneous dances and a lot of laughter (and some tears of course).


Have a peek into the beautiful moments of IYC 2017! Enjoy the memories of the Bosnian hills, the campsite which we shared with the lovely horses, and many more magical moments.