In the summer of 2021, we built our campsite on a beautiful field on top of a hill just above the village of Holzheim. Surrounded by other fields, forest, the remainders of a Roman wall and the borders of Luxemburg and Germany. This place in the middle of nowhere became home to 60 young people from all over the world for two weeks at the beginning of August.

During these two weeks, we hiked in small groups, exploring the surrounding nature, some of us visiting the borders of neighbouring countries, getting lost in the fields and sleeping by the fire on the first night of the hike. We swam in a river, played lots of games and sports, sang a lot and shared meals together.

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‘Down the rabbit hole’

14 different countries

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When the clouds parted, we could see far into the distance and appreciate the stunning view. Multiple amazing sunsets were seen, many nights were spent at the campfire looking at the night sky filled with stars, connecting with each other, singing songs, having deep conversations, and just enjoying the atmosphere.

At the end of our time together we did a concert for the locals by the little church down in the village. We brought our benches, people came and waited as we got ready. Then we sang, people were touched, many thanks and appreciations were given, and we left full energy, celebrating with a little dance party afterwards.

Part of the camp song

Welcome down the rabbit hole, have a look around
Anything you never knew you wanted can be found
There is food for your stomach, and food for your thought
Forget what you have left at home and use what you brought

I could use a bit of IYC, all of the time
A little bit of IYC, all of the time
My inner world is frightening but together we’ll be fine
I’ll take my dose of IYC, all of the time

 *Welcome to the Internet – Bo Burnham


Have a peek into the beautiful moments of IYC 2021! Dive into memories of our summer in Belgium, from the surprise parties, the hikes crossing the boarders to the midnight talks around the campfire!