When will applications open?
Applications usually open in the first two weeks of February. Until then, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram.

When will the location be announced?
The country in which IYC takes place will be known when the applications open. The exact location will be shared later on by he secretary in the itinerary sent to all participants via email.

I applied but did not get a confirmation email, what now?
If you applied but you have not heard back from us, please check your spam folder. Sometimes it happens that our email ends up in spam. For your participation to be valid you need to confirm your spot according to the instructions the secretary sent to you (filling out the health form).

What is the method of placement for the camp?
Placement for the camp is done via a drawing system. The drawing will be done two weeks after the opening of the registration of IYC. After the draw, placement for the camp will be based on first come first serve.

Will I get my money back if I cancel the application? 
Annulment of the application is possible until the 7th of May, with a charge of € 25,- administration fee. After this date, the participant has to pay the whole camp fee, or the participant needs to find someone who will take their place.

I don’t have a tent, can you provide me with one?
If you do not have a tent and/or cannot take in with you, get in touch with the other participants beforehand to see if anyone has a spare place. If this does not work, get in touch with the secretary. Usually, there is someone with a spot in their tent on arrival, but it is better to have an overview beforehand.

Can I arrive late and/or leave early?
In short, no. Late arrivals and early departures are not possible. The camp starts at 14:00 on the first day indicated on the camp website and ends at 14:00 on the last day indicated on the website. It is possible to stay an extra night and help with building down of the campsite, but arriving a day earlier is not possible.

Whom do I contact if I have any other questions? 
Please contact our Secretary, Meike on: info@iycamp.com.