Do you want to join two weeks full of adventure, new friendships, hiking, learning about new cultures and many more experiences? Take a look around this website to find more information about IYC. The application to join IYC 2020 are not open yet.

The applications for IYC 2020 will open around the end of January. The destination of this years camp is not yet decided, but we will let you know once we found a beautiful location somewhere in Europe. Stay tuned for further details!! Read more about the camp, the programme, and many more topics. Follow also our Facebook page and our Instagram.

If you want to read about the experiences of participants of IYC, see below the story of Josh Swanbrow.
But also other participants of former years of IYC shared their story, read the stories of more people here.

Experience of a participant

Read here the story of Josh, a participant of IYC 2018.

“IYC? Never heard of it, sounds interesting I guess.”

“That was my rationale, I suppose, when I confirmed my place two days before the camp was due to start. So with a fair degree of optimism, I threw some clothes into a rucksack and made my way a thousand miles away to the south of France. I’d arrived by myself, knowing no-one, yet I quickly felt a sense of kinship with the other participants, we were a huge variety of nationalities and backgrounds, but we’d all turned up to the camp, and that was a wonderful thing to have in common.

We pitched our tents in a field overlooking the Pyrenees mountains, the view was incredible, miles of woodland and hills in all directions, I’d never seen anything like it. When the sun set, the stars came out to light up the sky, I was spellbound at the lack of light pollution, the sheer quantity of stars was surreal.” Continue reading.



Have a peek into the beautiful moments of IYC 2018! Dive into memories of the French summer, from dancing with everybody on the festival day till the midnight talks around the campfire every evening!