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IYC 2021

June 5 2021

IYC 2021 will happen!

We are super happy to announce that IYC 2021 can take place. To make this possible, we chose to go to Belgium instead of Germany, as the rules and regulations regarding camps are more clear in Belgium. We have sent an email to all participants with more information. There are still some spots available, so if you would like to have a summer full of music, laughter, games, eating together, walks and campfires, please apply here!

Experience of a participant

Read here the story of Betty, a participant of IYC 2019.

Two years ago I was scrolling down this website that I came across by chance, and I remember hesitating whether or not to participate in this friendly-looking camp. At the time I had no idea how much it was going to change me, enrich my life, and bring so many amazing people on my pathway.

For my second year, when I first heard that IYC would take place in the Czech Republic, I wasn’t that excited, I wasn’t even sure whether to come. (I am from Czech Republic). But I couldn’t be more wrong. As soon as I saw the people I knew from the previous year, I realized that even if the camp took place in an unwelcoming desert, it would still be a highlight of the year.

My camp started a day in advance when 8 other people and I were squeezing in my brother’s tiny flat in the center of Prague, so we could easily pick up the bus the next day. It’s funny how close you can get to people in one night, people that you almost don’t know. No matter how much stress I felt before, it was suddenly all gone. Continue reading.