Dear IYC participant,

First of all we would like to share that we hope that everyone is healthy and in good support.

Today is the 1st of June and as previously communicated, we have news for you regarding IYC 2020. Sadly, and it is with a lot of pain in our hearts, we are informing you today that IYC 2020 will not be happening.

One of our strengths and core qualities, the international exchange, is in these days the main reason for the cancellation. We can’t be sure to know if and what borders will be open by the 3rd of August. Besides the fact that everybody has to travel twice, being with a group of 11 nationalities also brings a big risk with people potentially carrying the virus. The risk of having an outbreak during camp, or when everybody gets back to their homecountry, is just too large for us to be taking. Also, we realized we can’t organise and host a social-distancing proof IYC, a measurement that doesn’t seem to be eased in most European countries.

We, the IYC 2020 staff, have worked hard and explored many possible ways for IYC 2020 to take place within the restrictions of the current COVID-19 crisis we are facing. We looked at measures from different (for us relevant) governments and even explored the possibility of changing the country. This was an exciting and challenging adventure.

We are choosing the safest option for you, and your families and communities. We hope you can understand this decision.

And please know that for us too, this is very sad news. We were very much looking forward to creating another great IYC summer together!

Information about a refund is sent to all the participants via email.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Dorothee Nys on

We hope to see all of you in the summer of 2021!

Much love from the IYC 2020 staff,

Abel, Adéla, Tijmen, Nadia, Iris, Anne, Tijmen, Bram, Daniël, Rachael, Lorcan, Yecu, Dorothee



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If you want to read about the experiences of participants of IYC, see below the story of Betty Bartoňová. But also other participants of former years of IYC shared their story, read the stories of more people here.

Experience of a participant

Read here the story of Betty, a participant of IYC 2019.

Two years ago I was scrolling down this website that I came across by chance, and I remember hesitating whether or not to participate in this friendly looking camp. At the time I had no idea how much it was going to change me, enrich my life and bring so many amazing people on my pathway.

For my second year, when I first heard that IYC would take place in the Czech Republic, I wasn’t that excited, I wasn’t even sure whether to come. (I am from Czech Republic). But I couldn’t be more wrong. As soon as I saw the people I knew from the previous year, I realized that even if the camp took place in an unwelcoming desert, it would still be a highlight of the year.

My camp started a day in advance, when 8 other people and I were squeezing in my brother’s tiny flat in the center of Prague, so we could easily pick up the bus the next day. It’s funny how close you can get to people in one night, people that you almost don’t know. No matter how much stress I felt before, it was suddenly all gone. Continue reading.