Over the past few years some participants have written beautiful articles about IYC that can provide more insight in what kind of an experience the camp actually is to those who participate. You are very welcome to read their reports. Just click on one of the links below.

IYC 2021 Belgium – by Helen Wolf
IYC 2019 Czech Republic – by Betty Bartoňová
IYC 2018 france – by Josh Swanbrow
IYC 2017 Bosnia and Herzegovina – by Dorothee Nys
IYC 2016 Portugal – by Adela Honigova
IYC 2014 Poland – by Rebeca Lopez-Walker
IYC 2013 Catalonia – by Matthew Mirkin
IYC 2012 Sweden – by Jana van Gent
IYC 2011 Romania – by Leo Keller
IYC Reunion 2010 Scotland – By Ayesha Keller
IYC 2009 Latvia – by Ayesha Keller