Is IYC 2020 happening? 
The summer is still quite far ahead of us. Right now there is no clarity about that. We are following the guidelines of the WHO and relevant governments  and view these to be leading in our decision making process. On the 1st of June – at the latest – we will inform the participants whether IYC 2020 will be happening and if so, in which form. In the meantime, we are busy preparing the camp as usual.

Can I still apply for IYC 2020? 
Yes, sure! Go to our website and fill in the application form. You will hear back from us soon after that.

Will I get a refund if IYC is cancelled because of the COVID-19 virus? 
We moved the date of cancelling at administration costs forward until the 7th of June. If IYC is cancelled after that date, we will strive to give you a full refund. We will try to cover costs that have already been made through voluntary contribution.

Will I get my money back if I cancel the application myself? 
If you decide to cancel, the Terms and Conditions apply. This means that your cancellation will only cost you the Administration Fee of 25,- Euros. The date until when you can do this has been moved forward to the 7th of June.

What will travel- and cancellation insurance cover? 
This will depend on your insurance and their policies. Therefore we advise you to contact your insurance for more information.

Should I book my travels already? What if I have done that already and IYC is cancelled? 
Arranging transport to and from the camp location is always the responsibility of the participant. We understand that travels get more expensive over time, therefore we advise you to check during the booking process which cancellations options are available. Since travels are the responsibilities of the participant, IYC cannot meet any refund questions related to that.

What happens if there is an entry ban in the country that IYC will take place in? Or an exit ban in the country I live in? 
We follow the guidelines of the WHO and relevant national governments. The form in which IYC can take place is therefore also depending on the country it takes place. We will communicate about this on the 1st of June at the latest so that every participant can look into their situation until the 7th of June.

Can IYC provide social-distancing measures? 
We don’t have any experience in this so far. We are looking into the possibilities of organising IYC respecting social distancing measures. On the 1st of June at the latest we will inform the participants about this.

Do I have to pay the invoice that I received? 
Yes. All invoices that have been sent out already are still being collected. If you face difficulties, please let our secretary know.
Right now we don’t send any new invoices. This will only happen once it is clear if and in which form IYC will take place.

Do IYC and Helios (the Camp organisation) face any loss or damage? 
The current COVID-19 crisis affects everyone. Also for our organisation there are financial consequences. In the preparation process, costs have already been made. Depending on whether IYC will happen or not, we will give the possibility to support us.

Whom do I contact if I have any other questions? 
Please contact our Secretary, Dorothee on: