2016 – Portugal

This year we went further south than IYC has ever gone before! We spent two wonderful weeks on the organic farm Dominio Vale de Mondego in the North East of Portugal.

During these two weeks we spent our time creating land art in the surrounding area, building river rafts and swings from which to do backa flappa’s from and listening in the twilight to friends reveal secret talents and wonderful entertainment on our own Story Stage.

The two weeks were full of warmth from the sun where we hiked in the water along our river to cool down and in the surrounding hills. Lots of our food came from the farm where we stayed and in the evenings we stayed up drinking hot chocolate looking at the stars.

The theme of IYC 2016 was: Based on True Story!
Once upon a time, in the olive orchids of Portugal, a group of young people from all over the world got together in the scorching august sun and listened to the stories around them. The ancient Roman Road, the hundred-year-old olive trees, and the fresh flowing water of the river. Can you feel the story of this land with your feet? Or the story of this song with your heart? And what story has brought you here, to this camp and this evening and these lights and these stars and that smile? What is challenging about the chapter you are trying to write now? Maybe the main character in my story can help! And how would you like your story to continue and when are you going to start writing this brave new chapter?

And so these people sat and talked, hiked, sang, and danced! All the while exploring the world of stories. Needless to say they left this campsite and this story, this river and these people, to go and carry on their own path, happily ever after.

The staff team was made up out of:
Irene van Diermen, Tara Muecke, Hestia Zinsmeister, Matthew Mirkin, Aisha Roffel, Iris Schröder, Johannes van der Meijden,  Stijn Timmer, Anne van Barneveld, Steffi Blake, Tijmen Pels Rijken, Tijmen van Barneveld and Paul Newton.

If you would like to read about the camp from a more personal perspective, click here to read participant Adéla Honigová  article about the camp.